Transformation of Healthcare Industry: Where does India stand?

Jan 22, 2018

Each of us desires and demand our banking system, booking for transportation facilities and even cinemas, making payments to happen over internet while on the other hand we ignore the same with reference to our healthcare needs.

Western world has already witnessed humongous Healthcare IT transformation since past decade.

From hospitals to private clinics, all of them have moved on from traditional paper based system to patient’s accessing electronic medical records and booking online appointments. As per the data gathered in 2016, almost 95% of the hospitals and 80% of physicians in USA used Electronic Medical record system. 

The number of smart phone users in India is expected to reach 299.24 million by the end of 2017.  In today’s rapidly changing world, for how we will be able to avoid the need of such transformation?

In India, technology has rapidly changed our lives over the last decade. We have nearly 100,000 organized healthcare startups in our country ranging from government and corporate hospitals, healthcare centers, nursing homes etc. The only thing that we have in the name of digitizing healthcare is few doctors searching sites and applications. But such a giant unorganized healthcare structure of our lacks the much-required attention and treatment.

Government of India initiatives

E-Health India (,EHR Standards ( and My Health records ( are few of the initiatives from Government of India which shows that our government is taking some much-required steps towards transforming our traditional healthcare practice.

H-Connect is one of such platform, which has voiced its sincere efforts to contribute towards Healthcare IT transformation.

H-Connect takes the term healthcare IT to whole different level. We provide a healthcare solution which go beyond the typical doctor search site or an app. H-Connect app provides you a platform to connect to your own health in true sense. Few of the highlighting features of H-Connect app which of course not limited to are, search and book appointment, store and access personal medical records from anywhere at any time, facility to share your records online with your healthcare provider to get instant medical advice over your health issues, enriching knowledge about various healthcare topics via Health tips etc.

So, it is time that healthcare providers in our country recognize the need of rapid transformation of Healthcare IT.

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