Why hospital need Business app in 2018?

Jun 04, 2018

Hospitals/ Laboratories can improve their administrative efficiency and enhance patient engagement with the use of Digital Health Wallet (DHW)

With the use of H-Connect DHW, a physician or a treating doctor will have sufficient information on hand to deal with lifesaving emergency of his/her patient. Enabling a care provider with all the medical records and vital parameters, makes him well equipped to draw a comprehensive treatment plan for that patient without losing valuable time of care.

Search and book appointment feature of DHW allows remote patients to schedule appointments directly from the hospital patient portal or via hospital mobile app. Furthermore, patients can view their tests and share/ email their treating doctor/ physician via an online patient portal or app. Hospital staff who previously spent time on back-office appointment scheduling and form filling would be available to use for direct patient care.

Furthermore, a hassle-free appointment booking will leave the patient happy and indirectly would result in a positive word of mouth in the surrounding community.

The data-rich platform of H-Connect can allows hospital management to understand and analyze the health statistics of subsets of patients and effects of certain therapies amongst certain group of patients. This will put them in a much better place to derive an effective and efficient tailormade plan for its patients.

With such practice, one may can curb administrative expense up to 10%. In addition to this, such a technologically equipped hospital would be easily accessible to even a remote patient and will indirectly expose it to comparatively a much larger crowd which will serve as a competitive edge over other players in the market.

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