H-connect: A Complete Solution of Patient Relationship Management, Patient Health Record Management and Video Consultation

healthcare systems in organisation like HIMS, LIS, RIS etc and use H-Connect as patient health record system for better care of patients by providing them digital health wallet and utilising patient relationship and analytics tools for overall practice growth.

In the vast medical field, each specialty offers different kinds of patient service, wherein every specialist has specific and unique needs. We understand that and provide customized solutions to meet your specialty's demands and needs.




  • Unique health record for each patient
  • Anytime, anywhere access medical record at follow up
  • Refer patient and medical record for cross consultation
  • Personalized video consultation

Practice on mobility

  • Register Patient
  • Maintain Clinical details
  • Appointment management
  • Secure communication

Patient engagement and Relationship

  • Stay connected with patient for quality care
  • Improve patient experience and increase patient retention
  • Improved medication adherence through reminders and refills

Health information exchange

  • Integrates patient data across different health organizations or systems like HIMS, LIS or RIS or any clinical management system.
  • Data standardization and unification.
  • Multiple branch and center integration for single point repository.

Marketing Tools

  • Send critical alert and reminders
  • Send offers and promotions
  • Push notification and broadcast to enhance patient inflow.


  • Get operational to understand organisation performance
  • Build clinical analytics dashboards and enhance quality care.
  • Schedule reports on email for different stakeholders.