Wellness & Fitness

H-connect: An Employee Health & Wellness Software to Facilitate Organization-Level Planning

Healthy employees mean fewer costs related to healthcare, lost productivity and absenteeism. They also lead to higher customer satisfaction levels.

H-Connect provides a Comprehensive and Complete Employee Wellness Plan to improve productivity and life style related issues. H-Connect provides Digital Health wallet to employees and analytics to employer to plan risk mitigation strategy.

Corporate Wellness Brochure



Employee Health record

  • Unique Digital Health account for each employee with complete record of wellness program.
  • Anytime, anywhere access reports

Health care services

  • Expert Opinions By Senior Doctors and Consultants.
  • Avail various health services at ease.
  • Health Coach for Life Style and Weight Related Issues

Health Analytics

  • Employer can understand health status of employees and plan risk mitigation.
  • Helpful for claim processing and settlement.