Digital Healthcare IT services

H-connect: A One stop Destination for Healthcare IT Consulting and Development Services.

Health Connect as an Organization is committed to all the endeavours of Information Technology in the Health Domain and our core product line surpasses lot of available set of products in the Sector which caters to the day to day requirements of the Health Stakeholders.

We provide customized health IT solutions for health organizations, governments, institutions and corporate to find practical solutions to complex problems. Our expertise lies in identifying your needs, strategic planning, process outlaying and implementation.

An experience span of more than 17 years has helped us gain expertise in the healthcare industry, various regulations and market characteristics. With Knowledge of software engineering best practices and enviable project experience, we have developed end-to-end solutions for healthcare segment.

Our Objectives

Strategy of Implementation of Technology Solution for your need, particularly involving standards as under:

  • Implementing as per HIPAA Policies
  • Implementing as per ITIL standards
  • Implementing as per Meaningful practice
  • Implementing as per ISO standards

Process of implementation of Technology Solutions for the needs of the people.

  • Defining IT Strategy
  • Architecting the Demands
  • Procuring right Solution
  • Implementing & Auditing MIS

Our Clients