H-connect: Integrate with your LIMS or use as standalone Online Lab Reports

H-Connect allows pathology, diagnostic center or radiology centres to give their patients the best patient care experience with its online availability for patient need, reporting system, Lifetime accessibility etc.….Centres can also use this platform to increase its business by creating a network of doctors and hospital and patient engagement with the help of H-Connect patient relationship management and analytics.



One Patient, One Record

  • Unique account for each patient
  • Anytime, anywhere access reports
  • Book home visit and purchase health packages
  • Multiple branch and center integration for single point repository.

Patient engagement and Relationship

  • Send critical alert and reminders
  • Send offers and promotions
  • Own brand web and mobile application integrated with website


  • Get operational to understand organisation performance
  • Build clinical analytics dashboards and enhance quality care.
  • Schedule reports on email for different stakeholders.

Health information exchange

  • Integrates with LIMS or use H-Connect as standalone system to deliver patient reports in Digital Health wallet.
  • Data standardization and unification.
  • Referral doctor portal

Marketing Tools

  • Send critical alert and reminders
  • SSend offers and promotions
  • Push notification and broadcast to enhance patient inflow.

Phlebotomist Application

  • Online registration
  • Booking schedule
  • Performance analysis