Digital transformation of Health data of policy holder

and access insurance related activities from claim processing to settlement is a boon to insurance industry. Healthcare provider like hospitals and insurance company can provide digital health wallet to patients with all medical details integrated with hospital information management system and insurance management system.

Digital Health wallet will allow patients to avail facility provided by insurance thru its unique identification and can submit claims and track the status whereas insurance company can get analytics in the form of interactive dashboards to have comprehensive picture.



Personal Health record

  • Unique Digital Health account for each policy holder with complete medical record from empanelled hospitals.
  • Anytime, anywhere access reports – User and insurance company
  • Patient can avail insurance facility from health care provider with its unique account Id.

Integration with system

  • Integrate with existing system like ERP or CRM or claim management software and give data unification and standardization to give comprehensive picture.
  • User can view and track the status of claims and perform secure communication with claim handlers.

Business intelligence

  • Better insight about enterprise performance.
  • Analytical reports of factors such as policies, policyholders, risk assessments and claims histories
  • Insurance underwriters can gain greater visibility into policies, premiums and loss ratios
  • Claims handlers can optimise the claims process, minimising losses and increasing customer satisfaction by speeding up the entire process