Digital Health Transformation

Oct 06, 2017

Digital health is defined as the “use of information and communications technologies to improve human health, healthcare services, and wellness for individuals and across populations.

Digital technologies have the potential to enable the transformation of health and care. There is no doubt in my mind that the impact could be revolutionary and reach across the entire spectrum of health and care around the globe. Keeping up with changing technology is vital, but it’s just as important to evolve the consumer experience, care delivery methods and career development opportunities for healthcare work before.

Improving the quality of healthcare and access to healthcare while controlling costs as populations age and grow, life expectancy increases and public expenditure on healthcare is under pressure are a few of the main challenges for healthcare organizations across the globe.

H-Connect adopt digital health wallet system for typical digital transformation purpose in healthcare:

  • Easy accessibility access any where anytime)
  • Enhanced patient care
  • Patient engagement
  • Saving time
  • Minimizing the risk of errors
  • Record your progress toward specific health-related goals
  • Digitize previous your health record.
  • Refer to physician instructions, prescriptions, allergies, medications, insurance claims, and more
  • Book appointment, track appointments, vaccinations, and numerous other wellness healthcare services