A comprehensive guide to H-Connect's Smart Health Report

Apr 20, 2021

For normal people, understanding medical glossaries and terminologies have always been challenging. This is one of the top reasons why a lot of patients take an incorrect decision on health. The key patron to this fact is that health reports are difficult to read and understand especially reference ranges and complicated numbers. But what if health reports come in a simple and understandable format? Wouldn’t that be so stress-free and helpful at the same time? 

In addition, why should patients spend their precious time on Google to understand every single detail of a medical health report if you can just give it to them without asking? Smart Health Reports are specially designed to resolve these issues not only for patients but also for healthcare professionals to provide better and convenient services to their patients, educating and helping them get smarter.  

In this document, here are some of the questions we are going to answer: 

  • What is Smart Health Report?
  • Why are Smart Health Reports important?
  • Why should healthcare professionals recommend Smart Health Reports to patients? 

What is Smart Health Report? 

Acknowledging the importance of medical health reports in everyone’s life, H-Connect, a powerful Digital Health Wallet, has recently added the Smart Health Report feature. It is considered an important piece of evidence that proves what treatment has been given to patients and also particular conditions that affect them. In simple terms, Smart Health Reports are consolidated health reports that provide actionable insights in an easy-to-understandable language.  

Using Smart Health Report, patients can take charge of their health with ease and take the next steps towards better health. In addition to a detailed explanation of important health parameters, patients will get a comprehensive health summary, diet dos & don’ts, and consolidated guidance. The Smart Health Report also contains all the essential parameters that are color-coded for better understanding by just a glance. With the help of this feature, patients will get detailed and easy-to-read lab reports for a better analysis of their health.  

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Why is Smart Health Report important? 

A consolidated and well-organized health report is necessary for good medical practice and continuity of care. Hence, Smart Health Report can be recognized as an essential component of professional standards. They offer patients a simpler approach to understanding their medical conditions as they include the following aspects 

  • All the necessary parameters related to the health report are color-coded for a better understanding
  • A simplified explanation of what your report says which no longer requires Googling
  • Personalized diet Do’s and Don’ts on the basis of your health condition
  • Detailed guidance on what type of doctor patients should consult and why
  • Information regarding follow-up visits and necessary tests patients must conduct
  • Explanation of what a health parameter means and how it can impact patients’ 

 Why should healthcare professionals recommend Smart Health Reports to patients? 

Smart Health Reports are developed and approved by a panel of experienced healthcare professionals. It uses cutting-edge technologies and methods to represent complex medical terms, making it simple for patients to understand. This helps to have a better understanding of the immediate course of action to be taken towards personal health.  


Doctors can use a Smart Health Report to record all care and pertinent patient information. Also, it can serve as a data collection tool, which industry analysts might leverage to check patient trends. These trends contain how patients respond to a specific medication, which diseases are on the rise, and which medications are providing better results.  

If you are a doctor and managing a healthcare enterprise and planning to digitize a health report system, H-Connect is the perfect tool to get it done. It is a comprehensive Digital Health Wallet that improves efficiency, quality of care, and reduces overall healthcare costs. It integrates heterogeneous applications and practices used worldwide to compile into a common platform and deliver it into meaningful methods used by different stakeholders. 

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